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One of the cool things UIStackView can do for you is make it easy to dynamically update your app's user interface while it's running, with smooth animations and not a lot of code. My recent talk at iOSDevCamp DC covered some techniques. Natasha the Robot wrote a couple of great posts based on my talk, and today I'm going to talk about another unexpected (to me?) use of stack views. Animated Updates with Stack Views Stack views exist to figure out the layout constraints for their arranged subviews. But only for the stack views that are visible. It might seem obvious but stack view layouts don't consider subviews that don't appear on the screen. The great thing about this is that you can dynamically update your UI just by changing the value…

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As I mentioned in my last post, last week I did a talk at iOSDevCamp DC where I talked about UIStackView, a relatively new UIKit class that's my new favorite thing in iOS development. I'm going to cover some of the more useful things UIStackView can do in posts here, which will fall more or less into two categories: Simplified and flexible UI design, making common UI patterns easier to implement and modify. Dynamic UI updates when apps are running, including UI animations and updates triggered by size class changes. Today I'll hit point #1 above. The cool, useful thing is this: Stack views make (most of) your autolayout constraints unnecessary, for common linear UI layouts. Side by Side Comparison So let's take a look at what UIStackView…

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Last week I did a talk at iOSDevCamp DC, an annual event hosted by Luis de la Rosa. I talked about UIStackView, under the admittedly grandiose title of "Mastering UIStackView". I've used stack views for a number of things recently, as I've come to realize they're a lot more useful than a lot of introductory material might suggest. I'll be writing about some of this in the very near future, but in the meantime the excellent Natasha the Robot has already done two blog posts based on stuff that I covered: The Easy Button: A Fancy Animation with StackView Magical View Rotation with StackView Sometimes when I do a technical talk I wonder if people really took anything away from it. Other times, someone does two great blog posts based on the…

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iOSDevCamp Colorado was a couple of weeks ago and I did a presentation/demo on iOS app extensions. I wanted to focus on how to actually do things, so mostly I worked in Xcode rather than present from slides. But rather than paste code in as I went or (gasp!) try to do it live, I worked from a git repository I had built while developing the demo app. Every time I made a significant change, I'd commit it. During the presentation I would show some of what I was doing at each step and then jump ahead to the next commit to show the completed version. I like the idea but I need to work on doing it smoothly. One nice thing about it is that I can share the project and have it provide more information on the development process. Rather than just…

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iOSDevCamp is an informal un-conference where anyone is welcome and encouraged to present about anything relevant to iOS development. Colorado has a fantastic iOS developer community and these events are a great place to meet people, learn things, and have fun.

Three weeks from today! This is the fourth annual event in Colorado Springs. We held the first one on April 3, 2010, so we dubbed it iPadDevCamp since that was the day the first iPads shipped.

These events are great fun and highly informative. I'll be there (I ought to be, given how much of the planning I do), as will a few other people whose names you might recognize.

If you're in Colorado or would like to be, sign up now! Space is limited (seriously)!