My other blog

I try to keep this blog on topic, sticking to technical posts of interest to iOS and macOS developers. So when I wanted to write about something else I set up a different blog unrelated to my business.

As some of you are aware, when I’m not working on apps I’m also a radio DJ, at KRCC in Colorado Springs, CO. If you aren’t, you might still have noticed how I used to win prizes at “Stump the Experts” at Apple WWDC by identifying song. While DJing I get to listen to a ton of great music, and I wanted to write about what I’m listening to. So I’m introducing Tom Swift FM (my on-air nickname is “Tom Swift”, which seemed apt for a Swift developer). I’ll post about whatever great music I’ve been listening to lately.

I hope you’ll check it out. That’s all I’ll say about it here.