Stump 360 Questions, 2015

Here’s the list of questions asked at Stump 360 in 2015. If you’re not familiar with Stump 360, see my other post that describes it more fully

In general, Stump 360 questions can cover

  • Anything iOS or Apple related
  • Especially anything covered in a 360iDev talk.

Keep in mind the audience is allowed to use Google, etc, so questions shouldn’t be too easy.

These are the questions asked of the audience at Stump 360 in 2015. Please send questions for this year to me via this site’s contact form. Any time before the day of the event is good.

Questions from 2015

  • What property would you set on a TextView’s text container to wrap the text around another UI element?
  • What happens to your app if you’ve done an MDM integration and someone downloads it from the public App Store and they don’t have an MDM profile on their phone?
  • A provisioning profile is an implementation of what file type?
  • What happens when a class object is deallocated?
  • What is this and why did people use it? What do the switches do?

  • What Foundation class contains two public methods that provide the same functionality excepting that one is spelled incorrectly?
  • Why do you still see a view in a stackview after calling removeArrangedSubview on it?
  • Name at least two common app management properties you might be expected to support within an enterprise mobility environment.
  • How many different @synchronized directives can be run concurrently, presuming no recursive locking?
  • How can you convert an array of both optionals and nil values to an array of unwrapped values using just one operation in Swift?
  • How do you resolve stack view layout ambiguities when the distribution is set to “Fill” and the size is determined by layout constraints?
  • According to session 310 from WWDC 2013, why do apps wiggle when you press and hold them?
  • What iOS class could be described as providing Voice Over IP type services?
  • What did Apple ship in this metal box?

  • What is usually stored on magnetic track 3 on a credit card?
  • Name the Apple hardware product that could not be serviced by an Apple Store while it was currently available for sale to the public.
  • How can you find the angle associated with a device rotation in iOS 8 using non-deprecated methods?
  • For what device was there an Apple branded plug in flash storage card?
  • Apple partnered with what company for the launch of the iPhone to provide additional location information when the GPS wasn’t available?
  • What is the term for a tamper-resistant device (inside an iPhone or an Apple Watch) that stores Apple Pay information?
  • What two technologies are MDM vendors using to replace VPN for secure connectivity?
  • What commonly-used language was used to render formatted text to UITextView in iOS 6?
  • In a 2-column text layout, how many times would the following NSLayoutManagerDelegate method be called and why?
    layoutManager:(NSLayoutManager *)layoutManager didCompleteLayoutForTextContainer:(ColumnTextContainer *)textContainer atEnd:(BOOL)layoutFinishedFlag
  • What are future classes used for?
  • What was Apple’s internal developer tool for the Apple II?
  • For what standard HTTP response header would you be likely to find a value similar to “w/460ac0-1287-51bf3b65b6880”? And what does it mean?
  • What versioning-control system is the predecessor of CVS that is still used by some teams at Apple?
  • How is creating a variable in LLDB different from creating one in code?
  • How would you convert the default heart rate HKUnit into beats per minute as a double?
  • How do you “step out” in LLDB?